Ashtavinayak Temple near Latur

Ashtavinayak Temple in Latur

Latur a city in south eastern part of Maharashtra is known for its historical and cultural heritage. It is called the land of many old temples. The Ashtavinayak Temple is situated at the center of Latur. It is considered a very prominent Lord Ganesha temple. The newly built temple is approximately 2 kms from the town.

The Ashtavinayak Temple is one of the eights Swayambu temples of Lord Ganesha situated in the state of Maharashtra. The temple is regarded as very auspicious as any other Ashtavinayak temple. Many annual cultural festivals are held at the temple.

It is also known for its amazing structure in terms of architecture and carving. It was built back in 1989 and is surrounded by beautiful gardens on both sides. The artificial fountains at the premises add to the beauty of the temple. The impeccable architecture of the temple is designed in the South Indian style. At the entrance of the temple there is huge idol of lord Shiva in standing position. The main hall of the temple is rectangular in shape. The main chamber of temple consists of 8 statues of lord Ganesh. The Garb Griha consists of a 4 ft idol carved out of marble stone. The temple area and the surrounding gardens are maintained very properly and are always kept clean and fresh. The Ashtavinayak temple gives an ultimate soothing experience of a kind.

How to reach the Ashtavinayak Temple:

As Latur is an important trade and commerce center it is very well connected to other parts of the country. Latur is a district town on the Solapur - Nanded route with rich historical importance. People visiting Latur always make it a point to visit this temple. The precise address of the Ashtavinayak temple would be that it is located in the Shivaji Nagar of Latur.

Nearest Airport - Nanded (131kms), Aurangabad (266kms), Hyderabad (280kms)
Nearest Railway Station: Latur is connected by overnight train with Mumbai and Pune. Mumbai is around 7 hours from Latur and Pune is at a distance of about 5 hours from Latur.

Once you reach Latur you can book and avail MSRTC buses to reach the temple. There are many private buses which also run across the town. Taxis and auto rickshaws are available too.

Accommodation Options at the temple

Staying is not a problem as the attraction is located in the heart of Latur city where you can find good staying options. You can also shop all kinds of item from the market of Ganj Golai. Other nearby sightseeing and local attractions of Latur are the temples of Ramlingeswar, Bhuteswar, Keshavraj, Ram, Dutta, ganj golai and the Darga of Surat Shahvalli and temples of Parshavanath are also worth seeing in the city. All these places add to the ancient cultural heritage of the Latur.
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